Advanced staff scheduling software for primary care and beyond

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Using unique technology, DutyDoctor efficiently manages complex staff rota and on-call requirements across multiple sites and provides instant booking of vacancies by approved locum staff.


Developed for the modern NHS – DutyDoctor effortlessly works with any and all skill mixes allocating the right shift to the most appropriate person.

Fair allocation: DutyDoctor tracks high-intensity shifts such as being on call and ensures allocation is fair over time, even for very complex patterns.


DutyDoctor supports CQC compliance – certificates and accreditations can be uploaded and shared. Policies and communications can be shared with staff with a full audit trail. For staff working across organizations.

Permanent staff can request leave and book over time. Locum and temporary staff can complete timesheets and invoices online for instant transfer to their employer.


Easy reporting: a wide range of activity reports help practices monitor activity, overtime and how many of their vacant shifts are being filled. For larger organizations reporting tools to allow activity at PCN, locality or CCG wide scales. Private companies can benefit from billing tools and timesheet management.

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Why use Duty Doctor?

Benefits for GP Practices

Quickly generate a rota for staff incorporating staff leave, saving hours of time. Advertise overtime and fill gaps with locum staff easily. Easily track CQC compliance staff documents.

Benefits for PCNs and Federations

Works across multiple sites and manages different roles and skills. Promote relevant vacancies to available staff. Simple invoicing and reporting. Share policies and documents.

Benefits for Clinicians

High intensity work allocated fairly over time. Easy to plan, book and confirm your leave. Personalise availability and preferences to only see extra shifts of interest.  Simple invoicing for overtime and locum work.

Benefits for Event Companies

Tap into a pool of motivated staff. Define specialist skills as needed and ensure only relevant staff fill the shift. Works across many sites and environments. Track qualifications and share event specific documents.