Benefits for GP Practices


  • Skill mixes: DutyDoctor works with your team’s skills – so if any of your GP, NP or PP can run an On The Day clinic, then the most appropriate person will be allocated. It worked for administrative staff too.
  • Timesaving: Cross checking staff availability with your organisations’ requirements it takes a long time and is prone to error and interruption. DutyDoctor can track staff leave so rota creation is quick and highlights gaps in your cover.
  • Accessibility: Your organisation’s rota is available to staff at home or work. They can check the shifts they are supposed to work whenever they need to.
  • Manage multiple sites: Not only can DutyDoctor schedule your rooms, but it can also work with branch sites.
  • Error reduction: Planning a rota for lots of staff is tricky and slow. It only takes a tiny interruption to make an error. DutyDoctor won’t allow that by design.
  • Fill vacancies: Practices can choose to advertise shifts to your own staff, you wider pool of approved locums or even export a list to an agency.

Benefits for PCNs and Federations


  • Multi-site scaleability: DutyDoctor is designed to run clinics across a wide area with multiple operational sites, complex opening patterns and large numbers of staff. Ideal for extended hours or out-of-hours services.
  • Tap into a wider pool of staff: Building on the networks of staff already working for GP practices, it is quick easy for them to share their qualification documents and come on board to work.
  • Targeted vacancy notification: Vacant shifts are actively notified to appropriate staff, based on their skills, existing work patterns, and preferences. By reducing irrelevant messages, the staff is more responsive to locum shifts of interest.
  • Time savings and complexity: Attempting to large numbers of shifts is complex, especially filling the inevitable vacancies that occur. Instant booking and confirmation allow pre-approved staff to quickly fill a gap and save administrative time.

Benefits for Clinicians


  • View Your Schedule: Whether you are working as a locum, or a regular doctor at practice using DutyDoctor, you can see your full schedule of shifts online. You can plan and request your holiday too.
  • Targeted vacancies: When you sign up to DutyDoctor you can choose where you would like to work and when. You will only see vacancies that match your profile and availability, saving you wasting time looking at a list of shifts you can’t or won’t work.
  • Direct contracts: You negotiate and contract with the employer – DutyDoctor is not an agency and doesn’t set your pay rate.
  • Invoicing and pension: DutyDoctor allows you to quickly generate invoices or overtime claims for extra shifts that you work. NHS pension forms are on the way soon.
  • Top up work in addition to the main employer with minimum hassle: By uploading your compliance documents once, you can choose to instantly share with all your employers.

Benefits for Event Companies

  • Specialist Skills:  Using DutyDoctor’s unique skill allocation system, you can make sure that only the right staff are offered work at your events. MSA registered? Blue light driver? PHEC? DipIMC? BHA registered? It is easy.
  • Tap into the wide pool: By joining the network of staff working for DutyDoctor, you can advertise vacancies to staff who may not previously have considered event work but be pleased to have a change form their day-to-day roles.
  • Targeted alerts: Vacant shifts are only advertised to the right people, avoiding the difficulties of sending out general mailing lists, or leaving some people to feel left out.
  • Easy tools for timesheets and billing: Tracking staff activity and shifts are easy – they can log actual activity on a timesheet and you can compare against planned time. Paying staff and invoicing clients becomes a lot quicker!