DutyDoctor rota solutions are pleased to be able to offer to help NHS primary care with COVID-19 vaccine administration. We are making our staff scheduling tool available free to support community vaccination centres. DutyDoctor is perfectly placed to help organisations plan and shifts and for staff to quickly find and fill shifts that suit them.

Cloud-based and using innovative, skill-based technology DutyDoctor allows managers to quickly set up and advertise shifts and staff to personalise the vacancies offered to them. A skill-based approach ensures that staff with different roles (e.g. GP, ANP, PP) can fill the specific skill requirements of a shift. It works for clinicians, administrators and managers.

We will provide this service free for the duration of the NHS COVID-19 immunisation programme to support GP practices, Primary Care Networks and NHS Healthcare Trusts so they can quickly adapt to the new, additional work they are required to deliver.

DutyDoctor software was researched and developed by Dr Neil Iosson, an NHS GP in West Sussex in response to his frustrations around the challenges of staffing in primary care and finding a flexible and modern way for permanent, temporary and locum staff to work. It has now managed over 29,000 shifts and is being expanded with support through the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme.

To get your clinic set up contact our team by email on info@dutydoctor.co.uk