NHS England has announced £150m of additional funding to support a range of recovery and improvements in primary care and to expand capacity. Part of this is to deliver improved and extra primary care appointments, particularly to cover long term conditions and other problems patients may have been experiencing but deferring visiting their GP because of COVID.

An allocation of money has been made to support each ICS/STP in establishing a ‘locum bank’ so that staff availability and demand can be more easily matched. DutyDoctor is a proven solution as a locum bank – either as a stand alone service or when used by a practice to manage its rota. A useful benefit of managing staff using DutyDoctor is that any vacancies that are not filled by regular staff can be easily and quickly advertised as overtime to internal staff and all to a wider pool of locum/temporary staff – or shared with an external employment agency.

Funding is available until 31 March 2021.

Further information: General Practice COVID Capacity Expansion letter

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