DutyDoctor Benefits

  • Create repeating and one-off rotas
  • Generate a rota and room diary for a week in less than 1 minute
  • Save hours of administrator time every week
  • Easily advertise and fill vacant shifts from internal staff and locum bank
  • Instant online shift booking and confirmation
  • Very flexible – works the way your organisation does
  • Responsive helpdesk
  • Initial set-up includes 1:1 support, initial set-up, advice and training – as much as you need to get going

Additional Features

  • Share and validate staff compliance documents
  • Documents and policies library with audit trail
  • Manage staff leave
  • Pay, overtime and invoice tools
  • Work with partner organisations (and locum agencies)
  • Connect with local locum and self-employed contractors

You can adopt DutyDoctor incrementally (e.g. start with a subgroup of staff) or all at once – whichever suits your organisation best.

Pricing Options



Up to 3 administrators

Up to 50 active staff

Up to 3 partner organisations


Ideal for:
  • Small GP practices
  • Care Homes
  • Event Companies



Up to 7 administrators

Up to 200 active staff

Up to 7 partner organisations


Ideal for:
  • Larger GP Practices
  • GP Federations
  • PCNs
  • UTCs
  • Vaccination Hubs
  • Care Home Groups
  • Event Companies




Unlimited administrators

Unlimited active staff

Unlimited partner organisations


Ideal for:
  • Superpartnerships
  • GP Federations
  • CCGs
  • Online healthcare providers

Pricing depends on your specific requirements but operates on a monthly subscription with an initial set-up fee and can be cancelled at any time. Please contact us to discuss your needs, arrange a demonstration and get a quote.