MB Medical Solutions is an events company that provides qualified medical professionals to public, private and sporting events. We have a number of very high profile festivals, especially for the Goodwood Estate and rely on using specialist professionals from around the UK, especially for our motorsport events. The skill-based approach that DutyDoctor uses allows us to have fluid teams of nurse practitioners, paramedic practitioners, doctors, and others but still know that we have all the skills we need at the right places across an event. The modern multi-disciplinary healthcare team has many shared skills giving us great flexibility but each profession also has unique capabilities which we need.

We have lots of temporary staff who only work with us intermittently throughout the year and our needs tend to be very seasonal. DutyDoctor tells the right staff about our requirements and avoids overloading other staff with messages they don’t need. They also like being able to instantly book work and access documents and notes about the event. We have worked with DutyDoctor over the last year and it is still evolving and improving – they are really responsive in listening to what we want and adding features to help us develop our business.