Extended Access Clinics

We operate extended access NHS GP clinics across Coastal West Sussex seven days a week at up to 20 different sites. Some sites are open daily, others as infrequently as every 2 weeks. This makes planning staff a real challenge. In the first three months of 2019, we had over 2300 shifts to fill and we would never have coped without DutyDoctor. Read more “Extended Access Clinics”

Alice Townsend
Project Development Manager

Event Medical Cover

MB Medical Solutions is an events company that provides qualified medical professionals to public, private and sporting events. The skill-based approach that DutyDoctor uses allows us to have fluid teams of nurse practitioners, paramedic practitioners, doctors, and others but still know that we have all the skills we need at the right places across an event. Read more “Event Medical Cover”

Katie Miller

COVID Vaccination

DutyDoctor was a gamechanger for us at the Vaccination Centre. We suddenly found ourselves with this huge workforce and the solution helped us to manage that team and rota to administer 65k vaccines.

We really appreciate all the help you gave and that you were so willing to let us use your tool! Thanks for all your help and support across the last 7/8 months. Read more “COVID Vaccination”

Bobby Pozzoni-Child
Network Development Manager