The rapid adoption of DutyDoctor to support the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme by PCNs in many areas has been very successful. One area that has worked very well has been the ease with which volunteers have settled into using it.

DutyDoctor allows them to log-in and see a list of shifts that they are suitable to  fill, and also send them regular email alerts about vacancies. Many of the volunteers are older and retired and had concerns about using this technology like this.

“We have been delighted at how easy the staff have found it to book shifts and upload their training certificates for their managers. We had anticipated many people having issues to begin with because it is not something they have used before, but we’ve been pleased that most have taken to it like a duck to water. Our help desk team report that they get very few problems and most of those are easily resolved with some additional explanation and guidance” said Dr Neil Iosson, founder of DutyDoctor.

“I think that everyone has rapidly learned new IT skills due to lockdown. Booking a shift on DutyDoctor is very easy and simpler than buying a cinema ticket online. We have seen volunteer shifts generally fill up incredibly quickly due to their enthusiasm and people are surprised when 200 shifts at a site have been filled in under a couple of hours.”

DutyDoctor are continuing to offer free support for PCNs and other organisations that are delivering the NHS COVID vaccination programme. If you would like to arrange a demonstration or get started, contact